REAL NAME: Stanley Harvey Eisen
BIRTHDATE: January 20, 1952
KISS MEMBER STATUS: mid 1972 - present
KISS PERSONA: The Starchild
INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Vocals, Guitar, Bass
INFLUENCES: Eddie Cochran, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones,
            The Who, The Yardbirds
MARITAL STATUS: Divorced from actress/model Pamela Bowen 
CHILDREN: son Evan (age 7)

SOME FACTS & TIDBITS YOU MAY OR MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT PAUL STANLEY: * Paul's only sibling is an older sister. * Paul is the only New York born Kiss member to have never lived in Brooklyn. He was born in Manhattan and then moved to Queens as a teenager. * Paul went to the prestigious New York High School of Music and Art. He then became an art major at the Bronx Community College. * As a teenager, Paul worked at a factory, punching holes in a bulletin board. He also worked at a deli as a sandwich maker. Paul's favorite sandwich: cream cheese & grape jelly....cut diagonally! * Although he is basically self taught, Paul did take some guitar lessons as a teenager. The first song he taught himself to play was "La Cuccaracha." * Paul's first major band was when he was 15 years old. The group was called The Post War Baby Boom and cut a one song demo in 1967, which has since been lost. * Right after forming Kiss, Paul worked as a taxi cab driver to help support the band's finances. * At one point, Paul switched his makeup to a bandit/Lone Ranger design, at the request of Casablanca Records owner Neil Bogart. Paul felt it was not him and changed it back to the star design. * Paul's famous rose tattoo was done by Lyle Tuttle in San Francisco, in late 1974. * Paul has done numerous guitar solos on Kiss albums. His first was on "C'mon and Love Me." He's also played solos on songs, such as "I Want You," "I Stole Your Love," "Sure Know Something," "Shandi," "What Makes the World Go 'Round," "A World Without Heroes," and "Psycho Circus" to name a few. * Paul's first album production job outside of Kiss was a group called New England in 1979. * Paul discovered songwriter Desmond Child in the late 1970's and is highly responsible for his success. * Paul has written unnoticed songs for unsuccessful bands, such as War Babies and China Rain. * Due to his Kiss schedule, Paul had to turn down production jobs for acts such as Ratt, Poison, Cher, and Warrant. He almost became the producer for Guns 'n Roses' "Appetite for Destruction" album, but he turned it down for not relating to the band on a personal level. * In the late 80's, Paul started a management company called Paul Stanley Entertainment. * Although he's had some acting lessons, Paul's only movie role was a cameo in the 1982 comedy "Young Doctors in Love," which eventually wound up cut out of the movie. He played himself, in his Kiss makeup, but as a patient who swallowed a microphone on stage! * Paul is also well known for dating female celebrities. These included Cher's sister Georgann LaPierre, actresses Patti Lupone, Lisa Hartman, Donna Dixon and model/singer Samantha Fox. * Paul has had numerous surgeries over the years to repair muscle damage in his upper body. * Paul played the lead role in the Toronto, Canada presentation of "Phantom of the Opera" in mid 1999. He pinched a nerve towards the end of his run, which causes him to cancel a couple of performances.

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