REAL NAME: Paul Daniel Frehley
BIRTHDATE: April 27, 1951
BIRTHPLACE: Brooklyn, NY (moved to the Bronx soon after)
KISS MEMBER STATUS: early 1973 - late 1982; early 1996 - present
INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass
INFLUENCES: The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix,
Eric Clapton, The Ventures
MARITAL STATUS: Separated from wife Jeanette
CHILDREN: daughter Monique (age 21)

SOME FACTS & TIDBITS YOU MAY OR MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT ACE FREHLEY: * Ace began playing guitar at the age of 13. * Ace considers Pete Townshend of the Who as his all time favorite guitarist. * The first song Ace ever learned on the guitar was "Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter" by Herman's Hermits. * Ace got his nickname from the ability to get his friends dates. He was called "an ACE" for his matchmaking. * Ace was a roadie for the Jimi Hendrix Experience for one night (Jimi's final New York appearance). He helped set up drummer Mitch Mitchell's drum kit. * Ace met his wife Jeanette in 1970 when he was 19 years old. * In 1970, Ace had to have reconstructive surgery on his face. He suffered a fractured cheekbone from a bar fight. * In the early 1970's, Ace joined a group called Millemo, which signed a deal with RCA Records. They recorded a few songs, but a record was never released. * Ace wrote "Cold Gin" while riding on a Subway train. * Ace designed the Kiss logo. Paul Stanley refined it. * Ace was said to make his vocal debut on a Kiss record on a song called "Queen for a Day" that was recorded for the "Rock and Roll Over" album. * To ease his nervousness for his real lead vocal debut, Ace recorded his vocals while lying on his back. * Ace's 1978 solo album was the biggest seller of the four, due to having the only Top 40 hit in "New York Groove" (which peaked at #13 on the American Billboard charts). * Ace was good friends with the late John Belushi, from the original cast of "Saturday Night Live." * Ace once had a then "state of the art" digital home 48 track recording studio built at his home in 1978. It was built ten feet underground. His 1978 solo album, as well as his guitar parts from "Music from the Elder were recorded there. He's since sold most of the equipment. * Ace produced demos for the heavy metal band W.A.S.P. in 1983. He's close friends with lead vocalist Blackie Lawless. * Ace contributed a lead guitar solo on a song called "Bump and Grind" off the 1984 Gene Simmons produced solo album by Wendy O' Williams. * Ace co-wrote his signature solo song "Rock Soldiers" with songwriter Chip Taylor, who wrote the classic rock anthem "Wild Thing." * Ace's first custom guitar was a lightning shaped model designed by Washburn Guitars. He used it for the filming of his "Into the Night" video in 1987, but he never used it live. * Ace tried to incorporate whammy bar effects into his playing in the late 80's. He put the bars into some of his Les Pauls, but he eventually decided his wasn't his style. * In 1989, Ace was offered the opening slot for Kiss's "Hot in the Shade" tour. Ace turned it down, feeling he would be playing "second fiddle" to his old band. * In the late 80's, Ace began producing demos for a new hard rock band called Cypress. * For preparation for the 1996 Kiss reunion, Ace had some plastic surgery done on his face.

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